The Real Housewives of Atlanta go “Glamping”!

Hopefully you have been keeping up with the latest episodes of the Real housewives of ATL. If not here is a quick recap on the latest……. When the ladies left off the they all just got on the bus to head on a “Glamping “ trip site  hosted by housewife Phaedra Parks. download-jpg-porsha

Things quickly flair up when the ladies decided to put Porsha in the hot spot and question her on her journey with her anger management classes. She tried to open up to the ladies about it but they where not going for it.


Later at the site Marlo quickly turned the tables when she opened up the floor for her “Ask Marlo” segment. She went right in throwing jabs at Kenya Moore. She started attacking Kenya on her appearance say her eye lashes are put on all wrong and she could spend some time at the dermatologists.


As they day went on more shade was being thrown, people where hit below the belt, and feeling got hurt. Will these ladies find a “Kumbaya” moment? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. We will be staying tuned in to see.


For more information check out 

Check out the  youtube clip Below….



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