Kenya Moore runs from fight with Marlo Hampton!

Marlo Hampton returned to The Real housewives of Atlanta last night for Phaedra Parks charity benefit pop-up shop. But Marlo came ready to “pop off” and address her fake friend Kenya Moore!


Marlo was originally introduced to #RHOATL fans in 2011 when she was brought around the group to go against former housewife NeNe Leaks. After becoming friends with Leaks they later fell out and she became friendly with Kenya Moore. Well their relationship has crossed over and they have become “FRENEMIES”


Marlo Returns as Shreree Whitfield’s friend. Marlo meets up with Sheree and shares with her reasons why she fell out with Kenya Moore. Marlo felt shaded because Kenya stopped inviting her out. Kenya had a housewarming and birthday party and did not invite Marlo.  Her feelings were hurt when she saw photos of Kenya with Nene Leakes on Instagram at the Kenya’s birthday party.


Things quickly flair up when Kenya walks over to Marlo and tries to say “Hello”. Marlo goes right in on her and called Kenya out on her fake behavior. Marlo feels they have been friends for 3 years  and they should have a better relationship than that.


Kenya kept telling Marlo ” you are my friend”! Marlo responds ” you can stop saying friends you’re a Nene Jr”. Kenya quickly fled the scene before things got out of hand with Marlo.


Marlo is back and she is ready to keep stirring  the pot with the ladies . She even goes so far as to partner with Sheree to sell t-shirts during Phaedra’s pop-up shop. She revealed last Friday on Instagram Live she will be on the cast trip this season. Stay tuned to see the drama unfold.


Photo credit: , Freddy O’

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Freddy O’

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